Personal Wealth Management


Whether you’re at the peak of your career or approaching retirement, our personal wealth management advisors can help you make smart decisions, develop strategies and provide solutions to put you on the road to financial independence. From customized investment management to integrated financial planning, we have the breadth and depth of expertise to help you build and preserve your wealth, and pass on your financial legacy.

Our Full-Service Menu for Personal Wealth Management:

Investment Management Science not speculation

We offer a full spectrum of investment strategies for every financial objective, including sophisticated alternative investments, when appropriate. Our highly skilled investment advisors know that successful investing is based on the science of capital markets and decades of research, not speculation, and accept only equity and fixed-income risks worth taking. We’ll evaluate your unique circumstances, objectives, risk tolerance and future aspirations. Then, we will customize an investment plan for you that has the balance of assets necessary to meet your long-term goals, with ongoing portfolio monitoring and re-balancing as the market or your situation changes.

  • Our Custodians

    The investment portfolios that we manage are custodied with independent, qualified custodians, including Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity and National Advisors Trust Company. This provides an added layer of security and protection for our clients. Each of our custodians undergoes rigorous compliance audits and has a regulatory obligation, just as we do, to each and every client for whom they custody assets.

    Having well-established relationships with these custodians enables us to negotiate better pricing for securities transactions and offers us access to the entire universe of investment products. Since we are paid advisory fees from our clients, not commissions from our vendors, our priority is to identify top-notch, low-cost, tax-efficient investments that best serve our clients.

Financial Planning For every stage of life

Integrated Financial Planning is essential for successful wealth management. Working with our team of experts, your wealth advisor will customize a Financial Goal Plan that puts you on track to achieve the goals you set.

  • Tax Planning & Return Preparation

    Advance planning can go a long way in managing your tax bite. We’ll determine the most effective tax planning strategies for you and put together a proactive plan that helps minimize current and future tax liabilities. Our tax return preparation services provide added value by informing you of tax advantages and deductions you may not be aware of.

  • Insurance Review & Risk Assessment

    Knowing that you and your loved ones are protected against catastrophic events will put your mind at ease. We’ll assess your current insurance coverage to make sure you have the right amount of protection. We look at every type of risk exposure from life, health and disability to property/liability and long-term care and make recommendations based on your needs and financial situation.

  • Estate & Legacy Planning

    A lifetime of hard work, saving and smart investing is worth preserving for the next generation. Employing the latest estate planning techniques, we’ll determine how to use current tax laws to help you protect and preserve your family’s wealth and maximize amounts transferred to those you care about most.

  • Education Planning

    Outside of buying your home and financing your retirement, education costs may well be your greatest expense. We’ll develop cost projections and provide funding strategies, including investment recommendations, to help you cover your children’s educational expenses.

  • Cash Management

    You have a lifestyle to maintain with short and long-term expenses. We will work closely with you to establish a cash management plan with budgetary guidelines that address your cash flow and liquidity needs, as well as your long-term goals.

  • Philanthropic Planning

    We can help you find optimal ways to support the organizations and institutions that you’re most passionate about within the context of your Financial Goal Plan.